Xpress Labs

is a well trusted company

Offering high quality laboratory equipment, analytical instruments and consumables for LAB and INSTITUTE testing requirements. Our extensive range of products helps to empower the standard organizations, municipalities, independent and forensic laboratories, as well as the scientific research institutions to ensure high quality testing procedures and getting fast and accurate results.

We have partnered with some of the world’s leading lab equipment and instrumentation producers to deliver the very best in Material and Environmental testing and analytical equipment. This allows us to provide the best quality equipment for Laboratories and manufacturing industries which enables them make advanced research for product development as well as environmental and Food diagnostics ensuring better living conditions and high quality products. The equipment we provide also helps in accurate quality control on process as well as in Laboratories helping overall production process to be much more efficient.

Xpress Labs offers equipment for many diverse fields such as food & beverage, environmental, water treatment, microbiology, chemistry, physics, medical, material testing, industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

Xpress Labs offers technical support, installation and commissioning and after-sales service on all our products, thereby our clients receive true value from their investment to operate effectively, efficiently and economically. Our customers can always count on Xpress Labs highly trained technical experts to constantly provide you with the personal attention you deserve while installing, calibrating and commissioning the equipment in your laboratories or On Site. We take care of all your servicing and maintenance requirements whilst ensuring we deliver on our promises backed up by strong after sales service technical team that lives up to the high standards of service to our Customers.